Posted by: truefire | Saturday, December 29, 2007

New name, new domain….

 Well, after a most successful launch, seven_tux.jpg
with over 4000(four thousand) views within 5 days of it’s birth,

EasyGeek has proven it’s worth. Surviving a name change,

EasyGeek‘s first article has made the list:

It has been on CNET,

been translated into 3 different languages,

and made it to about every Linux news site,

as well as being StumbleUpon-ed, and de.lic.ios-ed, and Mixx-ed, and reddit-ed,….

….overcoming the initial shock of flash-popularity,

I decided to shell out $32.97/yr to get some basic hosting from,

a price which includes the domain(for that year).

In the end, I got 100mb of storage space, along with 10gb of bandwith

on our new site: !


o With a domain so catchy, there’s prestige.

o Advertising. Though kept to a minimum, ads raise funds for your favourite articles.

o More features, for cheapers*. I love modifying my own CSS with wordpress! Plug it in, plug it in…

oo The sweet favicon in the address bar!

See ya there!

Note: Under construction. New article will be posted here when complete. Please leave any

suggestions for the new site in the comments HERE, not on the new domain.

PS: I noticed someone found this newsblog by searching,”gateway mx6453 compiz ubuntu”

And yes, I do have Compiz running on that laptop(I’m typing this with it),

so the next article here will be a how to for desktop effects on the laptop.

If you don’t want to wait, use Synaptic Package manager to install(under Admin)

xserver-xgl. then, restart. Activate desktop effects. Done.



  1. Nice site, truefire!
    Here’s a name suggestion: Geeks Peak
    Sounds the same, but slightly different meaning. Kind of a play on words.

  2. Oops, misspelled it. Geek’s Peak.

  3. Or Geeks’ Peak.

  4. Thanks S.C.! The well thought out comments you post make this site all the better.
    I’ll be using the one under my first article to get friends/family/strangers on to Linux for a long time to come!

    Geek’s’ Peak is great, but it doesn’t quite fit the bill.
    My actual plan for the site is to have two tabs:
    One for the Pro-Linux, and opinion articles.
    The other for helping ‘newbs’ understand and use their machines(regardless the OS) safely and productively(obviously harder with win…blech).

    I hope to see you here often.

  5. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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